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Wasn't that a cute little explanation? (Well, our lawyers told us we needed something to explain who and what we are.)

Because curiosity.

But we aren't under some delusion that we're a one-stop shop. No website should ever be.

But while you're here, we aim to be a bit of a diversion from the grind. A respite from whirlwind. A ...


We scan the internets for interesting stuff — from serious to ridiculous, shocking to awe-inspiring — to help you "start the conversation." (That's Mr. Kimbell's phrase — he loves that phrase. Happy, Mr. Kimbell?)

But he does have a point: Don't just be a reader, be a part of it — post your photos, comment and share. (We are on The Facebook, The Twitter, The Instagram, etc.)

We're snarky. Unguarded. Sometimes racy. (Banned by Google a couple times!)

And, hey, if you've read down this far, you're our kinda reader!

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