Dixie Carter sells TNA to Billy Corgan and gets a payday.

Billy Corgan sells the TNA video library to Vince McMahon and gets money selling an archive that would be useless to him if he wants to rebrand and start fresh with a solid talent roster.

Vince McMahon gets thousands of more hours of wrestling content to make the WWE Network truly the most complete archive of pro wrestling history.

If this is how it all goes down when ink hits the paper, it might be the art of a perfect deal.

This is the latest I'm hearing on Wednesday about the future of TNA that's been up for sale with both Corgan and McMahon bidding.

If this triple threat scenario is how it all ends — it satisfies the needs and motivations of all while still keeping a place for wrestlers to work.

Sure, if WWE had acquired the talent contracts they would have took some talent over to their programming, especially NXT. But the number of those not used and out of a job would outweigh those who were retained.

A rebranding of TNA would be beneficial to both the consumer who get to form a fresh, new opinion based on the vision of Corgan. Also beneficial to sponsors who may have been previously turned off from any negativity attached to the TNA name.

As with anything in pro wrestling we wait for it to be official via announcement or appearing on television to confirm. But it seems this is likely to be happening and is a huge win for all involved.

A bigger win for the longterm and all involved than McMahon's last big purchase in March 2001 that left a lot of guys looking for work.

October 5th continues to be a newsworthy day in pro wrestling history. Brian Pillman passed away on this date. Kane debuted on this date. The Hell in a Cell match made its debut on this date. And who knows, we haven't even gotten to the Goldberg interview tonight on ESPN!