UPDATE: We're now in the Elite 8 round! VOTE BELOW!

How's your office bracket doin'? Ours isn't too bad — if we say so ourselves.

Our #BurghBracket has been getting a bit of a buzz from Pittsburghers — who love nothing more than celebrting what makes their city special.

By now, you might already know about our four regions: People, Culture, Food and Sports. Over some wings and cheap beer, the selection committee picked the opening round of 64. WPXI's Scott Harbaugh gave us a forecast of 32. (He was only wrong a couple times.) You — the readers — took us down to the Sweet 16.

There were some tough battles — the most interesting one might have been between Kennywood's Potato Patch Fries and Primanti Bros. The tweets got intense:

We are really hoping this takes hold.

In the meantime, we've got a Bracket to finish.

So, get to work, folks. We need your help again in getting this down to what is quintessential Pittsburgh. Make your Elite 8 Round picks in the #BurghBracket poll below. We got all four regions in one window this time out. View and download the full bracket here.

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