Altoona man is runner-up at World Series of Poker ... don't feel sad

An Altoona man who finished second in the World Series of Poker says the cards didn't go his way, but his earnings weren't too shabby for his second place finish at no-limit Texas Hold 'em main event early this morning in Las Vegas.

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2 at Blush can't dance their way out of trouble

Undercover Pittsburgh police officers charged two former dancers who worked at Blush Gentleman's Club with prostitution and drug dealing offenses after they conducted a sting Wednesday night in response to complaints.

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hidden too well

Not even Pittsburgh's bomb squad can find time capsule

Pittsburgh's search for a 100-year-old time capsule enclosed in the steel skeleton of the City-County Building, Downtown, has hit a stone wall.

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super big honor

Pittsburgh comic artist drawing new 'X-Men' series

An award-winning Munhall artist has a gig to write and draw a new comic covering the first 30 years of Marvel's "Uncanny X-Men," the publisher announced Thursday at San Diego Comic-Con.

Ed Piskor, who won an Eisner Award in 2013 for his ongoing "Hip Hop Family Tree" series, said he has been working a year and a half on "X-Men: Grand Design," a six-issue series scheduled to be released starting in December.

"I'm basically taking the first 30 years worth of X-Men comics and treating them as elaborate notes or a first draft for me to then comb through to make the best X-Men comic I can," wrote Piskor in an email. "I can design my career however I like thanks to Hip Hop Family Tree's success, so I don't much consider this a job that you punch a clock and work for the weekend. It's a dream project 25 years in the making."

Still, Piskor said he's been working seven days a week drawing, turning out about two pages per week. He's on page 107 of 240, he said.

Piskor grew up in the Mon Valley drawing X-Men, and now sometimes posts throwbacks to his youthful comics on his Twitter feed. He was known mainly for his indie comics and his collaborations with Cleveland-based Harvey Pekar before Hip Hop Family Tree earned critical acclaim — often with poses and page layouts modeled on the superhero comics of Piskor's youth.

Comic Book Record reported that each chapter of the "Grand Design" series will cover a decade of X-Men storylines, going back to the 1960s. The X-Men debuted in 1963, often with the young mutant superheroes's struggles often standing in as proxies for prejudices, puberty and efforts to fit in.

— Matt Santoni, Tribune-Review

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