That stinks

Man gets prison for biting off chunk of wife's nose

Talk about your marital squabbles.

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Visiting a neighbor

Mister Rogers documentary to debut at Sundance

Who among us wouldn't love spending more time with Mister Rogers?

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emotional rollercoaster

22 GIFs that explain how we're feeling about losing Cutch

Please forgive us if we get a bit emotional.

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Face time

Not everyone is happy with the doppelganger feature in Google Arts & Culture app

Ever wanted to see your doppelganger?

Well, the Google Arts & Culture app is here to tell you that you can. And in a bougie way, too.

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Crazy. Just crazy

Cops: Video game argument drove dude to kill his mom

Talk about over-reacting.

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It won't last long

Finally! Some justice for milkshake duck — as Aussie word of 2017

Let's hope this good news for "milkshake duck" doesn't turn out ...

Nevermind — by now it probably already has.

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name calling

Zoo wants help naming its new baby giraffe

There's a rather tall new animal at the Peoria Zoo in Illinois, but she needs a name.

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she got skills

Woman delivers the best fend off to unwanted attention at the gym

Guys just don't know.

Of course that can apply to so many things, we're gonna have to be more specific. In this case, guys just don't know what it's like to have to go to the gym and put up with guys' being jerks. (OK, maybe some do.)

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