'Dog' days are over

ABC to euthanize 'Downward Dog' after this season

Well that didn't last long.

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Was it Spanksy?

Can cops crack case of the mysterious butt graffiti in Florida?

It's popping up all over the place.

No, we said popping not ... nevermind.

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You'll shoot yer eye out!

Great! Now there's mini crossbows to worry about

We can so see this sh*t replacing fidget spinners.

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words of comfort

Touching tributes pour in for Bedford girl bullied to death

Condolences are pouring in from all over ... for a girl they never knew. But her story speaks to all of them.

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Got your attention?

Allentown wife shoots at hubby because he wasn't listening to her

Your lesson for the day, fellas: Pay attention!

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talk about fugly

Check out this year's mutts in the World's Ugliest Dog Contest

They've got a face only a mother could love. And even then ...

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Pain in the ash

When you expect your dog's ashes but the vet gives you a frozen pup

Damn, that's cold!

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Can you say bonkers?

Short one chicken nugget, driver pushed over the edge

Don't mess with her nuggets!

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