all of the swears

Hot takes from the Steelers-Patriots mess

Look, we know you probably don't want to relive it. We sure as hell don't. But we were on Twitter checking on AB's status, so we figured we'd compile some of the best takes.

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watch yourself

Don't be that guy who buys fake Steelers-Patriots tickets

You could be out in the cold if you try to buy tickets for Sunday's game between the Steelers and New England Patriots at Heinz Field from a scalper.

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putting the spirits in christmas

Get turnt and build a gingerbread house? Sign us up

Over decorating the tree and wrapping lights around your shrubs?

How about getting half in the bag and building a gingerbread house?

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call for changes

Grand jury: Penn State showed 'shocking apathy' to drinking

A grand jury's report in the wake of a pledge's drinking death says that Penn State officials displayed "a shocking apathy" to dangers from excessive drinking and that its inaction allowed criminal acts to occur.

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there goes our lunch

Saga has cockroaches on the menu (not on purpose)

Thinking of having lunch at South Hills Village today? Better wait a second.

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in for one hell of a ride

Whoa! Ferris Wheel imagined as part of North Shore project

Think Navy Pier in Chicago.

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see the sights

10 places off the beaten path to take in Christmas in Pittsburgh

You probably know of the iconic places to take in the holidays in Pittsburgh — the ice rink at PPG Place, the windows at the former Macy's, the creche at the U.S. Steel Tower.

But how about taking a day and checking out some of the other sights?

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