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Woman drives BMW into fresh concrete, won't let it be towed

A Georgia driver hit more than a bump in the road while driving.

Elysia Morris said she was driving her red BMW through a construction zone when a truck was driving toward her without stopping.

She said she veered to the left to avoid a possible collision when her car got stuck in fresh, wet concrete.

"[The truck is] still driving towards me, still honking the horn, so I bear over to the left and my car ends up submerged in fresh, wet concrete," Morris said.

Morris was rescued safely, but her car was lodged deep into the mixture.

She said the construction company told her the concrete would cure in an hour and the tow truck that responded asked her to sign a waiver saying the county wasn't responsible for any damages before they would tow it.

She refused to sign, and they left the concrete to dry around her car, cementing it into the street.

Construction workers eventually used a jack hammer to remove the block of concrete and the car and loaded it onto a flatbed truck.


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