Some Kingdom yinz got there, Kansas City!

On day that ends in 'day,' Steelers beat Chiefs

What it felt like to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers and Kansas City Chiefs play football Sunday:

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25 years later, we're still bitter

What if... 'The Slide' never happened?

Forget Friday the 13th. In Pittsburgh, the freaky October date will always be the 14th.

Why's that? Well, 25 years after the Pirates' collapse in Atlanta, we're still not ready to relive Game 7 of the 1992 National League Championship Series. (But we will watch this gem over and over, as it happened 57 years ago today.)

But we do wonder what the baseball world might have looked like had Sid (Bream) never slid safely across home plate for the Braves.

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Back to Hockey Plays

Capitals, not President Trump, a real foe for Sidney Crosby

The hockey world had not stopped spinning as of Wednesday. Go figure.

Perhaps Sidney Crosby accompanying the Pittsburgh Penguins to the White House wasn't the end of life as some people know it.

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33 years ago, 66 was No. 1

Happy anniversary, Super Mario!

Picture it: Boston 1984.

A boy from Montreal tasked with saving some Penguins in Pittsburgh steps onto the ice at an old Garden in Boston, and well... didn't take long for Mario Lemieux to announce his NHL presence with authority on this date 33 years ago.

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Black & Gold (and rolled)

Sights, sounds from a lousy Steelers Sunday

How was your Sunday? It probably wasn't worse than the one had by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Read more about their 30-9 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars at Heinz Field in this story by the Tribune-Review's Joe Rutter.

And if you want to know what it was like in the locker room (other than a certain franchise quarterback questioning if he "has it anymore"), keep reading below.

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Ben Roethlisberger forgets how to play football in Pittsburgh Steelers' loss

The Pittsburgh Steelers don't have a quarterback controversy.

They can't. They would need an actual NFL quarterback for a controversy.

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a rob rossi column

Matt Murray: The goalie of Pittsburgh hockey present and future

At this particular point in the Stanley Cup Final, the Nashville Predators had scored on 12 of 122 shots. To hear them then, the Music City's hockey heroes felt fairly confident they were dispelling the legend of Matt Murray.

As he had made a habit when it comes to discs of cold, vulcanized rubber, Murray sharply tracked words that formed a question from a Pittsburgh know-it-all.

His eyelids did not blink. His eyeballs did not roll upward, as if to search for words of his own, or sideways, as if to shoot signals for help from a member of the Penguins' been-there-done-that media relations staff.

As a huddle of few reporters formed into a half-circle of many, Murray seemed only to see the know-it-all, studying the know-it-all's mannerisms for clues.

He had been studying for a while.

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Before the puck drops...

2017-18 NHL predictions from Pittsburgh's hockey experts

Pittsburgh is packed with people who know pucks. Some of them still speak to me.

Those who do offered these Outlandish Predictions for the 2017-18 NHL Season.

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