Nature Boy needs to kick out

Prayers sought for hospitalized wrestler Ric Flair

Professional wrestling's greatest champion is involved in his toughest match.

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Don't stop believin'

President Trump may make Journey great again

Just a few months ago, a world full of Journey fans held hope for the ultimate reunion.

Now, the world even as Journey fans have accepted it may be falling apart.

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Pete Rose says what?

Former MLB commissioner betting on legal sports gambling

Remind us to place a call to nobody in particular...

Anyway, legalized sports gambling is all but a sure thing. So says former baseball commissioner Fay Vincent.

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Is what it is

Mike Tomlin's great gig extended

It's the best job in the world.


And it's probably Mike Tomlin's until he chooses to give it up.

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Mooch Madness

Scaramucci... learn to spell it

Do you do the Twitter? If so, we recommend committing this word to memory: SCARAMUCCI.

You'll probably use it in a hashtag at some point. Soon.

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Will Taylor show up?

Is Moonman ready for Katy Perry?

The MTV Music Awards has delivered moments over the years.

Some good. Some bad. Some, well...

But what could Katy Perry do for the event?

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And you're sweating that remote!

NFL's player takes costly swim

Before we begin, we remind everybody that Julio Jones makes a lot of money as a wide receiver for the NFL's Atlanta Falcons.

OK. Keep that in mind.

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Who would've guessed?

People still don't like Michael Vick

Does anybody like Mike Vick?

Like, seriously?

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