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Don't print the business cards yet

The Mooch lasted 11 days — here are some other abrupt titles

So, President Donald Trump fired Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director after just 11 days on the job — likely thanks to Gen. John Kelly who took over as Trump's new chief of staff.

Boy, that was short-lived. Maintenance probably didn't even get over to put "Mooch" on his office door.

In light of that, we figured a look at some other short-term title holders was in order.

Pope - 33 days*

University of Pittsburgh Head Football coach - 15 days

Miss Universe 2015 - 2:13.36

President-elect - 8 hours

Kim Kardashian's husband - 72 days

"The Tonight Show" host - 146 episodes

Largest luxury ocean liner - 5 days

Pittsburgh Mayor - 9 months

President of the United States - 31 days

2017 Academy Awards Best Picture - 2:26.84

John Kerry's VP candidate - 24 hours

NHL career - 13 minutes

NFL Career - 5 seconds

And how can we forget news anchor A.J. Clemente? A West Virginia University grad, who started his new job by swearing live on air with his first words during his 2013 debut at a news station in North Dakota:

Wait until you hear this...

What is it like to meet Mick Jagger?

Mick Jagger probably needs a week rather than a day to celebrate his birthday, what with eight children, too many lady friends to count, and enough celebrity pals to field a league of cricket teams.

Right... Sir Mick loves cricket.

And we love any reason to share our sports editor's story about meeting his rock and roll hero.

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big deals

Good thing Oakland Restaurant Week is coming, because we're poor as hell

Bring on the $6 lunches: Oakland Restaurant Week will run July 24-29.

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Better late than never

Our take on today's Rob Kardashian/Blac Chyna drama

Yeah, yeah. We know: Why must we pollute the web with more of this crap?

But, for the same reason you slow down around an accident scene ...

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seeing red

What kind of monster buys a ketchup other than Heinz?

Heinz is, by far, the most popular ketchup in the world.

No shit, you're probably thinking.

Anyway, that got us to thinking: What kind of person buys a ketchup other than Pittsburgh's own?

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take down

Bystander helps trip up fleeing suspect for cops

It's always nice to give cops a hand. Even if it's with your foot.

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what's the 420?

Here's where to pick up your medical marijuana in Pittsburgh

Finally! The good list is out.

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