Scared yet?

Why are we frightened of Friday the 13th?

It's Friday the 13th. Why so scared?

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Stunning development

Will Gateway schools' cops be zapping students with donated Tasers?

Allegheny County Council is set to vote Tuesday on whether to allow the Allegheny County Sheriff's Office to donate 18 Tasers to the Gateway School District's new police department.

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Fingers crossed

Baby elephant walking around, drinking from bottle

The Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium's baby elephant is doing much better.

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Out of Bounds

Granny plays her Steelers game too loud — let's beat her and shave her head

A Youngwood woman was beaten and had her head shaved by her daughter and 17-year-old granddaughter after they became angered at the victim over her radio volume during Sunday's Pittsburgh Steelers game, state police in Greensburg said.

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Follow us, fight breast cancer!

Pink is our new obsession

What if raising money to fight breast cancer as easy as following a social-media account?

Well, you're in luck ...

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Don't print the business cards yet

The Mooch lasted 11 days — here are some other abrupt titles

So, President Donald Trump fired Anthony Scaramucci from his position as communications director after just 11 days on the job — likely thanks to Gen. John Kelly who took over as Trump's new chief of staff.

Boy, that was short-lived. Maintenance probably didn't even get over to put "Mooch" on his office door.

In light of that, we figured a look at some other short-term title holders was in order.

Pope - 33 days*

University of Pittsburgh Head Football coach - 15 days

Miss Universe 2015 - 2:13.36

President-elect - 8 hours

Kim Kardashian's husband - 72 days

"The Tonight Show" host - 146 episodes

Largest luxury ocean liner - 5 days

Pittsburgh Mayor - 9 months

President of the United States - 31 days

2017 Academy Awards Best Picture - 2:26.84

John Kerry's VP candidate - 24 hours

NHL career - 13 minutes

NFL Career - 5 seconds

And how can we forget news anchor A.J. Clemente? A West Virginia University grad, who started his new job by swearing live on air with his first words during his 2013 debut at a news station in North Dakota:

Wait until you hear this...

What is it like to meet Mick Jagger?

Mick Jagger probably needs a week rather than a day to celebrate his birthday, what with eight children, too many lady friends to count, and enough celebrity pals to field a league of cricket teams.

Right... Sir Mick loves cricket.

And we love any reason to share our sports editor's story about meeting his rock and roll hero.

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