No good deed ...

Burglar swipes $1,400 from Pa. florist's shop as she gives free bouquets to vets

Carrie South considers herself a giver, but last week she got a hard lesson in what a taker looks like.

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She really blew it

Woman wakes up, shocked to find out why she's in jail

Ever wake up after a night big drinking and not remember how you got where you are?

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not f*cking around

Masked Butler County man attacked neighbor on mower with hatchet, cops say

It's like something out of horror movie.

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no safety in numbers

Cops: Pa. woman choked over iPad passcode

Police say a Pennsylvania man choked a woman because she changed her iPad's passcode.

The Times-Tribune reports Scranton police say 34-year-old Bret Hedden attacked Arlene Vinup on Wednesday night during an argument because she no longer wanted him to use her iPad.

Hedden is charged with strangulation, simple assault and harassment. He's held in jail on $10,000 bail pending a preliminary hearing on Oct. 30.

— Associated Press

He got stiffed

Inmate sues jail over untreated 91-hour erection

Talk about doing hard time.

An Oklahoma man says the penal system failed him — and his penis.

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Lab work

With no f*cks to give, Lulu the dog flunks CIA bomb-sniffer school

Some people just aren't cut out for school. Some dogs, too.

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Well, if no one's home ...

Teens break into house so they can throw a party

There's nothing like a good house party. Get a keg, some friends ... oh, and a house.

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What's wrong with people?

Cops: Pittsburgh teacher followed from school, hit in face with brick

It's been called a "rather shocking and violent incident."

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