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Social media mourns Steelers' patriarch

Pittsburghers lost a great man today. The tributes on social media were strong.

Former President Barack Obama issued a statement on Rooney's passing, calling him a great friend. "But more importantly, he was a great friend to the people of Pittsburgh, a model citizen, and someone who represented the United States with dignity and grace on the world stage," Obama said in the statement. ... And I know the people of Pittsburgh, who loved him not only for the Super Bowl championships he brought as the owner of the Steelers, but for his generosity of spirit, mourn his passing today."

From Instagram:

Facebook also noted Dan Rooney's passing with tribute after tribute, starting with the Steelers themselves:

The comments were heartfelt.

Most of them were simple. Not much else needed to be said.

The NFL also paid tribute:

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a look back

A life in pictures: Dan Rooney, 1932-2017

Click below to see Facebook, Twitter and Instagram reactions to Rooney's death.

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15 Easter Bunny photos that will haunt your dreams

Maybe we didn't realize it growing up because he brought us candy and other shit, but the Easter Bunny is freaky as fuck.

Here are just a few of our favorite pictures from the internet (as if you needed proof).

Is this even a rabbit?!?


The terrifying thing is how chill she is sitting next to him.

(Some E-cards)

Pretty sure this one should get his liver checked.

(Huffington Post)

Pretty sure this one is dead.

(Some Ecards)

The reason little Johnny grew up to be a raging alcoholic.

(Some Ecards)

Someone farted.

(Funny Junk)

No one can hear you scream.

(Duck Duck Gray Duck)

I know one baby who shit his pants.


'A' for effort, 'F' for fucking freaky.


The bunny that's a fifth of Jack Daniels in.

(Holy Taco)

All that's missing here is his hatchet.

(The Sun)

Just because you can make your own bunny costume doesn't mean you should.


This little girl clearly has accepted her fate.

(To Maternity and Beyond)

The bunny that's on the Megan's Law registry.


And our very own, back in the day at Westmoreland Mall (or was in Greengate?). Thanks a lot, Mom.

(Jill Leonard)

the uprising: not fade away

Many madly loved Pittsburgh athletes didn't finish up here

With Pittsburgh (not to mention the baseball world) waiting for the end of Andrew McCutchen's rousing run with the Pirates, we thought it an opportune time to look back at other wildly popular athletes who didn't finish playing in our City of Champions.

No. 10 Gary Anderson (Steelers)

No. 9 Pierre Larouche (Penguins)

No. 8 Neil Walker (Pirates)

No. 7 Kent Tekulve (Pirates)

No. 6 Max Talbot (Penguins)

No. 5 Mike Webster (Steelers)

No. 4 Jaromir Jagr (Penguins)

No. 3 Rod Woodson (Steelers)

No. 2 Ralph Kiner (Pirates)

No. 1 Franco Harris (Steelers)

Cup '17: under pressure

Heaviest weights in Round 1

Are the Stanley Cup playoffs a sprint or a marathon? We are never sure.

We are sure that each of the opening-round series has one player (or coach, or team) feeling the weight of the hockey world.

bushy-tailed bastards

Cam-hogging squirrels steal limelight from eagles, owls

Squirrels are such attention whores.

Eagles, sure. Pittsburghers love eagle cams. But those damn squirrels are sucking up all the attention lately.

Animal-cam viewers in Westmoreland County seem to have a new obsession: a pair of squirrels that have taken up residence in one of the Eastern screech owl boxes erected by PixController of Murrysville.

The company's live feed of nesting bald eagles (Hays and Harmar) initially captured viewers' attention, and company CEO Bill Powers says the newest stars on its website are two gray squirrels that have been using one of the boxes since winter began.


"It's really cute to watch, so we've been streaming it, and it's gotten really popular," Powers says.

The boxes originally were installed as part of a project by PixController and nature enthusiast Dick Byers of Stahlstown.

"I have 10 owl boxes at my place, and (Bill) has about nine," says Byers, 79, a former Murrysville resident. "We wanted to see what was going on in the boxes and take notes on breeding behavior."

A mating pair of Eastern screech owls, nicknamed Dakota and Allie, have been seen in the area since 2013, and each has made a home in one of the boxes. At night, Dakota leaves his box to hunt for food for Allie.

Powers has cameras set up to monitor the pair's progress with three eggs laid between March 31 and April 3.

"We're hoping they'll hatch this month," Powers says. "We also have a camera on both boxes that allows us to see what's happening on the outside. It's neat — at night we can see the male screech owl going out to hunt."

Byers says the nesting habits of owls are unique in that they do not build their own.

"They find cavities that have already been prepared, or they take over a crow's nest or a hawk's nest," he says.

And while Powers says he's excited to see the owl eggs hatch, he's also curious what will happen with the squirrels.

"They might be siblings," he says. "If they're a mating pair, they'd typically have a litter by now, but gray squirrels can have a second litter around July, so we're waiting to see what happens."

So are many others. The squirrel-box camera feed has been viewed nearly 35,000 times, as opposed to the roughly 1,000 views the owl cams have received.

Powers says his main goal is to educate the public.

"They don't often get a chance to see this type of thing," he says.

— Tribune-Review