Foto Friday

#Pittsburgh on Instagram: Posts we ♡ today

It's lunchtime. Take 5 minutes to check out what we're loving today on Insta.

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A mother's love

Leopard cub nursing on lion is all that's right with the world

There is hope, after all.

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The gory details

Gallery: The insanity of yet another Running of the Bulls in Spain

It's all over but the bleeding.

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who goes over in 2020?

Presidential slogans for other wrestlers

If you smell what The Rock is cooking, you probably are one up the West Virginia jabroni who had everybody talking earlier this week.

But let's say we do live in a world where a celebrity with ties to professional wrestling would run for and win the United States' highest office... oh, wait.

Well, uh, who's to say the next person to try it should be "the people's champ"?

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the uprising: not fade away

Many madly loved Pittsburgh athletes didn't finish up here

With Pittsburgh (not to mention the baseball world) waiting for the end of Andrew McCutchen's rousing run with the Pirates, we thought it an opportune time to look back at other wildly popular athletes who didn't finish playing in our City of Champions.

No. 10 Gary Anderson (Steelers)

No. 9 Pierre Larouche (Penguins)

No. 8 Neil Walker (Pirates)

No. 7 Kent Tekulve (Pirates)

No. 6 Max Talbot (Penguins)

No. 5 Mike Webster (Steelers)

No. 4 Jaromir Jagr (Penguins)

No. 3 Rod Woodson (Steelers)

No. 2 Ralph Kiner (Pirates)

No. 1 Franco Harris (Steelers)

Can you pass the birth control?

You can't leave the kids alone for a #%&*in' second

You'd think I could at least grab a glass of water ...

but no!

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Get A Grip

What are your favorite famous handshakes?

It's been said that a picture is worth a thousands words. Well, what is the worth of a handshake between two of the planet's most powerful (and richest) men?

Uh, probably best to not answer that question.

The grip-off Friday between Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin started a conversation at the upgruv offices about our favorite famous handshakes.

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