Freedom vs. kids

Tenn. judge to inmates: Get vasectomy, get out sooner

Some inmates in Tennessee can obtain their freedom faster if they are willing to give up their fertility.

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Snuffing out young puffers?

N.J. becomes 3rd state to raise smoking age to 21

New Jersey has made moves to take cigarettes out of teens' hands.

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Allen Iverson must be proud

Greatest (worst) crossover ever

Heard of a "killer crossover" in basketball? Well, what you're about to watch one that didn't quite kill.

But still... damn!

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More than just bad water

Popular Mexican resorts serve tainted booze, tourists say

Popular, all-inclusive vacation resorts in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula serve tainted alcohol, leading to deaths, injuries and unexplained blackouts, guests allege.

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Rise and shine

Coffee recalled because, well, boners

Coffee is supposed to give you a lift in the morning, but one coffee brand is being recalled because it could quite literally do that.

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Is he extreme enough now?

WWE's Shane McMahon just survived helicopter crash

We can just hear JR screaming something like, "Shane off the helicopter! Shane from the top of the helicopter! Bah gawd!"

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For your health

Isaly's on North Side hit with consumer alert

The Allegheny County Health Department has issued a consumer alert for the Isaly's on East Ohio Street on the North Side.

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False alarm?

Woman accused of burning BF, dousing him with urine: I'm innocent

Looks like it's a case of he said/she said. Or, rather, they said/she says she didn't.

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