Say what?

Wanna see Santa at Macy's? You'll need an appointment

Want some lap time with the jolly ol' elf at Macy's? You'll wanna call ahead.

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Better read

​That insane new library in China? Yeah, kinda fake news

At first, the images are freaking incredible.

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'Star Wars' fans get insane surprise on Disney ride

When you are at Disneyland and Mark Hamill just happens to show up:

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well done

Only in Philly could you buried with cheesesteaks — or want to

He might be dead, but he's still hungry.

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Carnegie's new Rangos cinema opens for business on the North Shore

What's large, curved and has people staring at it on the North Shore?

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Hey, is that a ...

That time when a Navy plane drew a big penis in the sky

Look, up in the air, it's a bird, it's a plane, it's ... OMG!

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’tis the season

Merry Christmas, y'all — from the #ConeWeed

It seems like something that should have happened here in Pittsburgh, but the Cone Weed has its roots in North Carolina.

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look again

Artist hopes to get the 'Word' out with positive street signs

Why "Stop" when you can "Start"? Don't "Yield," "Breathe."

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