Wait time

Here's how to spend that extra time on your Parkway North commute

Traffic sucks, right? Well, it's gonna a suck a whole lot more for drivers on the Parkway North (aka I-279).

An $87.9 million upgrade project (from Camp Horne Road to the North Side) starts today — and that means longer commute times. For the next two years.

Just what we wanted: More time in the car.

The first phase, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, will focus on an 8.5-mile stretch of the southbound (inbound) lanes. Because of that, PennDOT is taking away the HOV lane to use for normal traffic.

So since you are gonna be spending a lot more time in your car, we figured we'd offer some suggestions on how you can make the best use of it.


Your car's a pigsty. Admit it. You've got probably about 20 empty Starbucks cups, near-empty plastic bottles and that nasty Wendy's bag with the still-unfinished fries from last week. Get your shit together and clean up. It's not hard — before you leave, grab one of those larger plastic bags from Kohl's or Target. Use your wait time to put it all neatly away. And, who knows, maybe your interior will start to smell a bit better as a result.


Not a literal page-turner you dolt — we're talkin' audiobooks. Get in with Amazon's Audible or Simply Audiobooks and download (or stream) some romance novel or thriller or whatever floats your boat. Check out this roundup of the best audiobook apps out there.


It seems like everyone and his sister have a podcast these days. (Heck, even upgruv has one!) And there's one on just about any topic you can imagine — comedy, politics, business, education, health, music, religion, science. You get it. Maybe you start with "Scott Goodson's Uprising!!!" or "Anna Faris Is Unqualified." Here's Huffington Post's roundup of the best podcasts of 2016.


Look, you're not gonna shed 20 pounds sitting behind the wheel. But every little bit helps, right? If those old folks can get workouts from their chair, you can certainly accomplish a bit sitting in traffic. Here's Livestrong's exercises to flatten your stomach while you drive. Or, if you don't want to be that aggressive, try these simpler moves.


Of course, when all else fails ... there is always the "right thing to do."

Before you head out, BuzzFeed has 36 things that will make your car worth sitting in.

Read more about the project and its impact at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

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