Tell us if you've seen it

The Stanley Cup tracker

Where was it this weekend?

Ever wanted to track the sightings of the Stanley Cup in one, convenient place? Now you can! Introducing the upgruv cup tracker!

Here's how it works: every time we see Lord Stanley someplace on twitter or instagram, we'll add an entry with the date. If we have a full story on the sighting, we'll link you to it. If we have pictures of the sighting, it'll be right there as a gallery you can browse.

How will you remember? We'll tweet a link right back to this post so you can see the Cup's latest adventures

If you see Lord Stanley in the wild: let us know by posting a picture and tagging us @upgruv and #StanleyCup. You'll get photo creds and be a part of the fun! We'll keep it as up-to-date as possible, and keep you in the loop.

Easy enough? We thought so. Check it out embedded below or at the map's dedicated link:

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