Ever wanted to track the sightings of the Stanley Cup in one, convenient place? Now you can! Introducing the upgruv cup tracker!

Here's how it works: every time we see Lord Stanley someplace on twitter or instagram, we'll add an entry with the date. If we have a full story on the sighting, we'll link you to it. If we have pictures of the sighting, it'll be right there as a gallery you can browse.

How will you remember? We'll tweet a link right back to this post so you can see the Cup's latest adventures

If you see Lord Stanley in the wild: let us know by posting a picture and tagging us @upgruv and #StanleyCup. You'll get photo creds and be a part of the fun! We'll keep it as up-to-date as possible, and keep you in the loop.

Easy enough? We thought so. Check it out embedded below or at the map's dedicated link: