Woe are the scalpers

Home games for hardcore Penguins fans

Unless it's a lockout, the NHL doesn't much care for letting things linger. By Sunday night, the league will have crowned a champion, stocked a new franchise with players and conducted an amateur draft over a span of two weeks.

Heck, the 2017-18 schedule was unveiled Thursday afternoon.

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A (sad) hockey night in Pittsburgh

Our video tribute to Marc-Andre Fleury

With 375 wins, 44 shutouts and three lifts of the Stanley Cup, former Pittsburgh Penguins goalie Marc-Andre Fleury had one remarkable journey.

A look back at his fantastic run with the flightless birds.

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We're Talkin' Here

upgruv podcast: 'Whore Baths and Phil Kessel Dreams'

Damn, we have some weird AF dreams.

Jill's obviously been thinking about Phil Kessel. Not that we can blame her — he's pretty damn cool. Then again, maybe it's her brown water from Aspinwall.

Any way you look at it, it's pretty messed up. And that's just the start of what we're talkin' about this week:

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Francis, meet Franco​

Franco Harris, other NFL Hall of Famers hang with the pope

Pope Francis on Wednesday met with an NFL Hall of Fame delegation, including former Steelers running back Franco Harris, and urged them to translate values of teamwork and fair play from the football field to the broader community and help build a "culture of encounter."

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were they catfished?

Predators fans absolutely hate team's new jerseys — and we love it

Guess nothing is going right in Nashville these days.

Literally no one likes the Predators' new Adidas jerseys, and we can't get enough of it, mainly because we're assholes.

Here's just a few of the hilarious fan critiques.

a rob rossi column

Flower forever rooted as a Pittsburgher

Ours was a special… uh, not sure what to call it, actually.

Maybe I will by the time I'm done saying goodbye to Marc-Andre Fleury.

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boob job

Dear Greg Brown: Don't use 'tits lit' during a broadcast like this guy

Your move, Greg Brown.

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Father of the year

LeBron shows no mercy at son's birthday party

After getting dominated in the NBA Finals, there's only one right way to take out your frustration.

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