What a crappy thing to do

Man accused of beating up toilet, flooding strip club

Some people just ruin it for everyone.

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Eat this!

Goat to be kidding! Vandal strikes South Side ’Scape project

Seriously! What the hell is wrong with people?

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Soup anyone?

Tortoise knocks over heat lamp, causes $150K fire damage

Fuckin' reptiles!

KSAT in San Antonio reports a 150-pound pet tortoise is being blamed for a fire that resulted in $150,000 in damages.

Firefighters said it seemed the tortoise knocked over a heat lamp inside its outdoor cage, which started a fire that spread to a neighboring house.

By the time firefighters were able to bring the blaze under control, the fire had spread through the walls and attic. They said the fire caused minimal damage to the pet owner's house.

No one was injured — not even the tortoise.

Soup anyone?