Don't be a turkey

Wanna survive Thanksgiving? Tips to not burn the house down

Thanksgiving is a day for expressions of gratitude and a bunch of other stuff, but it also can bring about guilt trips, bodily injury, property damage and hurt feelings.

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Horrible images from deadly blast that killed 47 in fireworks factory

The photographs tell a horrific tale.

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starting the week right

Nicholas Coffee to reopen Monday — with a 'thank you' gift for its customers

And on a day we'll definitely be needing all the caffeine we can get.

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still no answers

We only know a little about how Jack died, so now we have a bunch of new theories


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Not cool

Cops: Philly man's girlfriend records him setting house on fire

Yeah, we're pretty sure this might cause a bit of friction between these lovers.

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taking some heat

Rescued piglets served up as sausage to firefighters who saved them

This just ain't right.

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Sad end

Cops: Tarentum woman who set boyfriend on fire, doused him with urine is dead

Remember the former Penn Hills woman accused of setting her sleeping boyfriend on fire and throwing buckets of urine on him to extinguish the flames? She died Monday of an apparent heroin overdose.

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dumbass alert

Guy goes back into burning house to get cellphone, dies

Authorities say a South Carolina man died trying to get his cellphone from a burning mobile home.

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