Burn notice

Watch it burn! Animatronic T-Rex bursts into flames

Flame on!

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smells like a dumb idea

Dude burns down house while trying to get rid of skunks

We've all see the social posts of spiders, millipedes and other crawlies that elicit a quick "Burn it down."

Well, one guy in Detroit took that call a bit to literally.

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Nothing says "love" like ... awkward

Inappropriate love songs to play for your sweet Valentine

So it's two days from Valentine's Day. You haven't bought the flowers yet, Hallmark is running out of heart-shaped boxes of chocolate, and panic is beginning to set in.

We can't help you with any of that. But we can do something.

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We like it hot

Are you brave enough for fire-breathing classes?

Jandro Herdocia likes to practice his fire-breathing in the shower.

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Fire in the hole

That smart luggage you got for Christmas might cost you

How smart is your luggage? Well, it could cost you.

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Don't be a turkey

Wanna survive Thanksgiving? Tips to not burn the house down

Thanksgiving is a day for expressions of gratitude and a bunch of other stuff, but it also can bring about guilt trips, bodily injury, property damage and hurt feelings.

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Horrible images from deadly blast that killed 47 in fireworks factory

The photographs tell a horrific tale.

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starting the week right

Nicholas Coffee to reopen Monday — with a 'thank you' gift for its customers

And on a day we'll definitely be needing all the caffeine we can get.

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