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Update: Beef between Panda Express/The Killers ends on happy note

The Killers have certainly delivered their fair share of memorable, contemplative lyrics in the past: from "I've got soul/ but I'm not a soldier" to "Are we human/ or are we dancer?"

Which maybe doesn't make it so much of a surprise that Panda Express, which brands itself as "America's favorite Chinese restaurant," would pilfer a couple of their lyrics to stuff inside their own brand of fortune cookies, the Independent writes.

Nice try, Panda Express. But you've been caught. The band teasingly tweeted an image of one of Panda Express' fortune cookie messages reading, "Smile Like You Mean It," which is, of course, the name of a track from their 2004 album Hot Fuss.

All they asked in return?

Panda Express is going to do a little bit better.

Thanks to a fortune cookie, the Vegas nonprofit Serving Our Kids will get some assistance, the Daily Dot notes.