It's a go

Elon Musk has another crazy idea — and it looks like it's gonna happen

Ever wish you could travel at the speed of light?

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This restaurant helps you get that perfect Instagram shot

Calling all foodies: Book your flights to London.

According to a report from Seventeen, Dirty Bones, a London-based restaurant serving New York City-style comfort food, will begin offering customers special Instagram kits that give foodies all the tools they need to snap those perfect shots.

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Oh snap

Why you might want to tune in to Snapchat

Could Snapchat save the news industry?

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Paying to Read All About It

Facebook to launch news subscription service

Media outlets miffed about Facebook's prominent role in how news is distributed have scored a win.

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Members only

Porn site now lets you use your penis as a password

Keeping your logins straight can be a hard task. If only we had a useful tool.

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Tell my Roomba I loved her

Security robot figures it just can't anymore, drowns itself

Wars, politics, taxes, R.Kelly — it's all enough to make you wanna kill yourself.

And that goes for our cyborg pals, too.

After a brief stint patrolling Washington Harbour, a shopping and business complex, a Knightscope high-tech security robot ended it all by throwing itself into a water fountain.

Looking a lot like the tip of a ’50s-era rocket ship, the robot is armed with (according to the U.K.'s Metro) "self-navigation, infra-red cameras and microphones, artificial intelligence, tools and abilities to help security services fight crime."

Obviously, water detection was not among those.

Oh there were signs that this robot guard was feeling down.

According to the Independent, earlier this year a drunk guy tried to assault of its kind, and another one was knocked over by a toddler.

A toddler!

But is that any reason to end it all? Clearly the company needs to invest in a therapy robot.

Until then, we have these fun images to feed on.


It's on blast

Former NASA engineer at it again, creates world's largest Super Soaker

You know what they say: Go big or go home.

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Don't cross the streams

You won't be able to share that Netflix password forever, you know

You do it.

You know you do it.

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