Hangin' out in the city

NSFW: There's 200 nude body-painted models headed to Times Square

Naked and afraid in the big city.

Well, maybe not so much "afraid." If you've made the choice to go commando in the middle of a big city, then you probably don't have much fear in you.

But on June 9, more than 200 models are gonna bare it all (only to have it painted over) in New York City's Times Square as part of the Body Notes project by a group called Human Connection Arts.

They'll be there to get their bits painted for three hours (from noon to 3 p.m.) — "in full public view" — followed by a photo shoot. (Although we're fairly certain there's gonna be more than a few creepy dudes there taking pics the entire time.)

Each model will have a saying of their choosing painted on their front and back. The idea, the group says, is "to create a powerful expression of positivity and acceptance."

NBC New York reports the event's co-sponsor is a group called the Outdoor Co-Ed Topless Pulp Fiction Appreciation Society, which stages topless readings. A spokesperson for the group says all of the necessary permits have been obtained.

Then, like any good nude body-painting event, there'll be a party — with hors d'oeuvres, cocktails, live painting, music — later at Manhattan's YOTEL. No word on the dress code.

Oh, the rain date is set for June 10. (Because no one wants rain on their special bits.)

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