Destroy The Land

Cleveland can't (keep) nice things

It's too easy to make jokes about fires and Cleveland. For obvious reasons.

But, well... Cleveland is sort of on fire.

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Holy Not-Shocked-At-All!

Affleck no longer Batman that Warner Bros. wants

Ben Affleck, we hardly knew ya... as the Batman, anyway.

Looks like another Dark Knight is coming our way via Hollywood.

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Sean Spicer's Greatest Hits

Well, looks like Melissa McCarthy is out of a job.

She'll be all right. But based off reaction on social media Friday to Sean Spicer's resignation as White House Press Secretary, he might want to stay off the internet.

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Allen Iverson must be proud

Greatest (worst) crossover ever

Heard of a "killer crossover" in basketball? Well, what you're about to watch one that didn't quite kill.

But still... damn!

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Repeal and replace?

Marco Rubio eyes eliminating Tom Brady from NFL

Watch out, Bill Peduto. A politician with an even bigger profile might be gunning for your gig. Or at least the hearts of your hometown voters.

Just kidding.

We think.

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Ding ding ding

Who's winning this NYC trash can vs. machete street fight?

They say not to bring a knife to a gun fight, but what about a machete to a street fight?

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Then. Now. Whatever.

Mayweather and McGregor's lame WWE impersonation

Ultimate fighters and boxers aren't wrestlers. So what the hell were Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather doing last week?

What is known in wrestling as "best for business," of course.

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