Great giveaway

You know you want a $2,000 Penguins® prize package

We've got a phenomenal package.

Well, er, Pittsburgh Penguins® prize package — worth $2,000! And we wanna give it away.

Now, you're probably thinking: How can I get my hands on that package?

The first step is to log in above with your first and last name, email and birth date using Google, Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. We're gonna need your phone number (so we can get in touch with you when you win).

But, we're guessing you'd like to enter more than once, right? Well, then ...

For each of these things you do, you get an extra entry:

  • Check us out on Facebook (liking us would be so good)
  • Download our app
  • Check us out on Instagram (a follow would be appreciated)
  • Follow us on Twitter
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  • Give us your ZIP code
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So, get clickin' — and good luck!

🏒 Before the NHL playoffs begin, you're gonna wanna come and see the league's best.

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