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​That insane new library in China? Yeah, kinda fake news

At first, the images are freaking incredible.

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Crazy Commute

Dude busted driving with tablet, cellphone tied to steering wheel

Oh, Canada — you have the best stories.

CTV News reports Vancouver police pulled a guy over for wearing headphones while driving.

When the officer approached the car, he spotted something rather odd.

Yep, that's a cellphone and a tablet strapped to the steering wheel. It was all tied down with a single piece of string.

"Just when I think I've seen everything, a photo like this is captured by one of our officers," Const. Jason Doucette told CTV News. "We are reminding our drivers to leave their devices alone behind the wheel."

The officer said the driver didn't realize what he had done constituted distracted driving.

After a long talk about road safety, the officer handed his an $81 ticket for not having his driver's license with him.

The guy was pretty lucky, normally distracted driving fines cost $368 and come with three points.

Seems others wouldn't have let him off so easily.

"I think he should be put in jail. [Distracted drivers] endanger people's lives," Lyle Morin told CTV News. "If people start going to jail they might think twice about it."

(h/t Reddit)

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