Right in time for beach season ...

CoreLife Eatery brings fresh taste to the 'Burgh

If you're like us, eating clean isn't so easy. Especially when your city's known for throwing fries on everything — even salads.

Thankfully, a fresh food joint opening its doors in Pittsburgh will make healthy living a whole lot easier.

CoreLife Eatery, an active-lifestyle restaurant, will open its newest location at McKnight Road in Ross on Friday. The restaurant offers a variety of greens, grains and broth-based meals, all made from scratch.

"The number one thing you can do for your body if you want it to feel good is to feed it right," co-founder John Caveny says.

Customers can build their own bowl with their choice of fresh ingredients or choose one of the dishes on the menu. Costs range from $5 to $13. All foods are free of trans fats, sweeteners, GMOs and other artificial substances.

"People who come here and eat every day, they're going to feel better. Not many places you can say that."

Caveny says the most rewarding part of his job is how his restaurants have changed lives.

"We get thank you letters and emails from people who've gotten off their blood pressure medicine, people who've lost weight and people whose lives have gotten better just from changing their diet with Core."

As part of CoreLife's introduction to the 'Burgh, the restaurant will host a pre-opening "pay what you want" day on Thursday.

Guests can choose to how much they'd like to spend for their meal, and all proceeds will go to the Light of Life Rescue Mission, an organization that assists the homeless and feeds the hungry.

CoreLife plans to add more locations in the Pittsburgh area, and as many as 300 locations nationwide over the next five years.

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